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An excerpt from a recent music publication...........

Everette Stephens is more than just your typical singer songwriter and recording artist from the sunny beaches of California with 3 chords and the truth. He’s also a performer of quite possibly the most diverse and best array of music genres and songs in all of the little latitudes. His sets are comprised of pop, rock, contemporary and roots country, reggae, blues, Hawaiian, jazz, and trop rock covers as well as his ever popular original numbers.  Lighthearted, engaging, energetic, entertaining, and vocally superb are but a few of the embellishments used to describe his fun shows. 

It is rumored that, although popular opinion in Tennessee has the best singers coming from Nashville, Everette secretly began taking vocal and performance training from opera singers; not from just anyone, but from two of the most widely acclaimed and world renowned Broadway singers and coaches. He was trained by none other than Ms. Melissa Austin and Mr. Mark Baker. Everette has been keeping his vocal secret under wraps ever since he was fitted for his first cowboy boots (which he promptly replaced for a comfy pair of flip flops!)

Today, Everette performs for numerous major corporations and in venues, clubs, and Tiki bars all across Florida, California, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. He is currently working in the studio on original songs and instrumentals with some of the most infamous and gifted talent the music industry has to offer. He continues to keep a pair of board shorts and a paddle board close at hand while on tour.

Everette dreams of one day being a widely covered songwriter and continuing to confuse pop and country artists about what genre of music his songs fit best in. As the founder of the secret society of “Flip Flops for Cowboy Boots,” he will not rest until his shows are so flawlessly performed the most avid country fans are smiling as they hum along to Jack Johnson tunes while sipping happy juice from injected pineapples! In the meantime, he will continue to sing and entertain bringing smiles to the faces of women, children, hippies, and beach bums all across the Western Hemisphere